You do not have to do the talking when your corporate branding and gift items can do the talking better!

Get attention; announce yourself and business to the world with professionally done, attention grabbing corporate branding items

Write your name on hearts with too good to forget complimentary cards, calendar, souvenirs and more

Corporate branding and gift items

If you have lived in Lagos well enough, you would know the quality of your complimentary cards, branded t-shirt or polo determines if you would get a response or strike up meaningful conversations. Yes, business cards, corporate branding and gift items have become a tool of perception that people use to judge you.

You want to make the best impression with your corporate branding items in terms of quality of design and prints. You want something that can wow anyone and gets him or her interested in you. And that is where we come in.

At Print Paradise, we design and print the best quality corporate branding and gift items that open doors. They are so good they are conversation starters and project your brand better than your mouth can say.

He who holds the card holds the conversation. Improve your chances of getting booked, seen and engage with our attention-grabbing corporate gift items.

Ranging from business cards, calendars, Phone Pop Sockets, Keyholders, Custom Mugs, ID cards, dummy cheques, posters, presentation folders, marketing brochures, flyers and handbills. We are the best print company in Lagos and we deliver only quality works.

Impress your audience and write your name on heart with beautiful gift items that keep your brand name in people’s mouths. Your brand will grow as your brand name spread like wildfire with our corporate branding items.

If you are looking for the best print company in Lagos and enjoy quality, affordable prints look no further than print paradise. We have the human resource, machinery and quality raw materials to print and deliver to taste. We work with world-class standards and you are guaranteed the best quality in town without breaking the bank.

Best Print Company in Lagos

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Best quality

You are certain of the best quality business cards, calendars, Phone Pop Sockets, Keyholders, Custom Mugs, ID cards, dummy cheques, posters, presentation folders, marketing brochures, flyers and handbills


We offer the best price in the whole of Lagos without compromising the quality of the project.


We deliver your prints in 8 hours or less and you can be rest assured of the quality and perception.


At Print Paradise, we delight in seamless experience working with us. We deliver to your doorsteps with the speed of light.

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We try as much as possible to print and deliver your project within 8 hours provided we have every information we need without any bottlenecks.

We offer a guaranty of up to 7 years on majority of our prints because we use the best quality materials and equipment

You can get started by filling the form above or reach out to us on any of our social media handle or call us +2349077173515 or visit us at 44, Odejayi Crescent, Surulere, Lagos

Yes, we have well trained graphic designer who can design your prints for you at an extra cost. We can as well print your design on the go!

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